issue 1-3 | Lindsay Ryklief


매거진 <네온 밀크> issue 1-3 by Lindsay Ryklief


Lindsay Ryklief는 그의 DJ 이름인 Ligrye로 더 잘 알려져있습니다. 남아프리카 공화국 출신인 그는 Cakeshop, Pistil 등 이태원의 주요 언더그라운드 클럽에서 SHADE, V.o.g.u.e 등의 파티를 주최하며 LGBTQ+ 컬쳐를 전파하는데 노력해왔습니다.
매거진 <네온 밀크> issue 1-3은 그가 서울의 모델들과 함께 진행해 온 Boys of Seoul 시리즈의 베스트 컷들과, 필름 카메라로 찍은 여러 사진이 함께 실렸습니다.

I-D magazine US 2017.7
I-D magazine Mexico 2017.6
Korea Times 2017.1
CNN STYLE 2015.10

183 X 258 (mm) (B5사이즈)



Lindsay Ryklief, as known by his stage name, Ligrye, is a South African photographer and DJ who has been working with the main underground clubs in Itaewon, such as Cakeshop and Pistil. Through his success with the LGBTQ+ culture based parties, SHADE and V.o.g.u.e, he has been influential in the spread of culture in Seoul.
In addition to the best cuts of his current series, BOYS OF SEOUL, where he captured both the grit and life of present moments of the boys who live in Seoul and the surrealism that exist between them, his other film photos are featured in the book.

– I-D magazine US 2017.7
– I-D magazine Mexico 2017.6
– Korea Times 2017.1
– CNN STYLE 2015.10

183 X 258 (mm) (B5)
120 pages



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